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    Check out the link at: (main page), or the direct link:
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    Kudos to you all!
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    Oh my. This is incredible. NICE WORK!!!
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    awesome!! any chance of posting a treo sized pic in this thread?

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    just one question, though. Why GPE and not Opie?
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    WOW this gives all new meaning to "Learn Treo"

    sorry i can't/won't experiment till i know data/phone work
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    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!
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    Awesome!!!!! Just Incredible!!!
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    I can't wait to see my treo running good OS.

    Fantastic work SM & C.
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    Someone wake up Perry.
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    i think i may move one of my 650's to linux.
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    Oh you fellas are seriously sick. Fantastic work!!!!!
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    Please let Perry out of the room. We're talking Linux here.
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    That is amazing. You guys are genious.
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    So, thinking past "proof of concept" what have you got it to do so far ?
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    If this is Linux, does this mean you would be able to run Apache and serve up a website from your mobile Treo? I know there is the ram issue, etc..

    But, could that actually be done?

    I do not know much about GPE, so I do not know if this is a pared down version of Linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Druce MacFarlane
    just one question, though. Why GPE and not Opie?
    I would also prefer OPIE, perhaps there will be two forks much like with Familiar Linux for the IPAQ's, one with GPE the other with OPIE.

    It looks like GPE has evolved quite nicely since I last checked.
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    For those in the dark (like me) this should help:
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