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    Is Verizon going to be releasing an updater for TREO 650 anytime soon?
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    Sorry, Verizon's in the W business now.
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    I just purchased a couple of Treo 650's for my exec's, and they both were Hardware Rev B and Firmware 1.04a - anyone know what's in the "A" and can you download it?
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    The A is a patch for E911 service. If you already have it, why would you want to download it?
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    One reason that a person might want their existing ROM image files would be to use Shadowmite's tools and create a nice customized image. Sprint for example, was crippling Bluetooth DUN on their Treo 650s. Changing the files in the ROM image fixes this.
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    I would never elect a wireless carrier where I had to hack a ROM image for it to function.. still, we all can't be perfect.
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    I did a search for "1.04a" and came across this thread.

    I broke the screen on my Verizon Treo 650 last Friday, and today came my replacement. It also has a software version of 1.04a.

    I would assume that the next ROM update would include this patch. I wonder why this ROM hasn't been posted on Palm's website.
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    The A is the for addition of a 911 emergency locator! Otherwise the update is the same as 1.04!
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    The "A", or as others point out, the e911 patch, is ENTIRELY a modem firmware patch, it's not in the rom at all.
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    I just got a replacement 650 from Verizon, I too have 104a. I also have a blue round sticker with NR over 01/06. Maybe this means "new rom" Jan of 2006? It would not let me restore contact or memos with backup buddy, I had to sync it to a pc in order to get those over to the new phone.

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