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    Thats right, I just got my Treo and am loving it! My 1st impressions was kinda dull since the pda kept soft rebooting on me when i used the blazer browser but after a firmware update to 1.17, that problem soon got fixxed

    But now for some questions, I know there is a third party software that will keep my backlight on untill i press the red button, however I misplaced that does anyone know where i can find this?

    Also if there is any other software that you guys would recommend that would be great, so far I only have snappermail and PalmaryClock Wireless.
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    Congrats on joining the cult! I've been having problems with Blazer lately too. Took two hours of troubleshooting with Sprint's advanced tech support folks to correct it. They had to reprovision my internet services or something.

    I think the app you're thinking of is "AlwaysOn". Just Google it. I think that kind of app is useless though, unless you're just gonna stare at the same screen for longer than three minutes without pressing anything. And with most video players, the screen won't turn off regardless, even if you never press anything for the duration.

    POCKET TUNES DELUXE. I don't know if you're a music fan or not, but if you are, DL this app ASAP. It's awesome, and is INFINITELY better than the built-in RealPlayer. Also, you can listen to streaming internet radio, which is just friggin' amazing. Myfave station to peruse is You just can't beat streaming, almost commercial-free stand-up comedy with the occasional skit thrown in.

    Pick up Zlauncher too. It'll make the standard launcher that came with your Treo look downright archaic. WAY better functionality too.

    KBlights is a great app. It lets you turn the keyboard backlight off when you aren't using it. No need for that thing to be on when you're just reading a web page.

    Xiino is probably the best alternative to Blazer. It's twice as fast as Blazer, and sometimes the speeds seem DSL-like, which is pretty impressive. It isn't as pretty to look at, but it's faster and more functional. You'll still need to use Blazer from time to time however, as Xiino doesn't do too well with password encrypted sites.

    Butler is an awesome app as well. Lets you do all kinds off stuff, from led customization to alarms...

    TCMP is a pretty good media player for video files. And it's free.

    VolumeCare; lets people hear you better, and just all around makes everything LOUDER.

    I like Verichat for all my chatting needs, but some other people claim that it's buggy(even though I really haven't had any problems).

    As far as games go, I recommend Farkle and Bejeweled 2.

    And there are several other awesome apps, but part of the fun is discovering them on your own!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoraks
    Also if there is any other software that you guys would recommend that would be great, so far I only have snappermail and PalmaryClock Wireless.
    Cingular GSM
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    You'll need a SD Card Manager to flop your programs back and forth. PowerRun for something functional and simple, ZLauncher if you are into skins and stuff. Personally I prefer the Palm Launcher.

    While we on subject of SD card, Softick Card Export II lets you mount your SD card as a windows drive on your laptop / desktop thru the HotSync cable. PalmPuke will give you an audible warning when the SD card pops out .

    The rest depends on what your uses are. Frankly I have had no reason to use alternative browsers, mail programs, system adjustment programs. I get the impression, for the most part, that the later "release" (Sprint came out 6 months before Cingular) of your phone and the later the phone firmware / software, the less likelihood you will need this stuff. The on;ly default program I have "replaced" is the calendar cause Lil RedSpider's TMP (TimeManagerPad) is just so darn functional.

    I don't do IM (rather stick needles in my eyes) . You can load mp3s on the thing with various programs like the provided RealPalyer or PocketTunes but don't expect much out of the Treo's sound subsystem.

    SOme utilities you might find useful:

    -TrackerDog tracks what programs are current / out of date.
    -BackUpBuddy provides several backup alternatives (VFS to SD card)
    -Northglide's NeatFreakPak should be the very 1st thing you put on your Treo as it track inbstalls and allows you to remove all of a program saving you complete wipe and restore when you ahve a problem.
    -Crash / CrashPro will handle / explain crashes for troubleshooting
    -FileZ - File Manager
    -PowerUp turns phone back on after rest
    -TreoAlarm gets daily whether and manages 8 alarms and syncs time with desktop
    -STOIC keeps Treo screen on when in cradle
    -VoiceDial was 1st program I bought after doing just 2-3 hours of the 14 day trial.

    Travel Aids

    -Directory Assistant - White / Yellow pages
    -FlightStatus - see if her plane is late


    -Bonzai Task / Project completion tracker
    -TipPro works out meal splits and tips
    -Docs2Go on Palm CD

    All I can think of right now....Treo in car

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