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    I use Exchange 2003 w/Outlook 2003 for work and FuseMail w/Outlook 2003 for personal.

    I don't understand what exactly happens when I choose to mark a message Junk in Chatter. Is the message simply deleted or does something special happen, like the sender is blocked?

    Can someone explain the flag feature in the latest beta please. I see that I can flag or unflag a message in Chatter. Assuming I flag a message in Chatter, is Outlook supposed to display the message as flagged with the defualt Outlook flag? and If I flag a message in Outlook with a different colored flag than defualt, is Chatter supposed to show it as flagged? and finally Will there be a way to filter the message view in Chatter to show only flagged messages?
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    The only thing Junk does is to NOT move the message to the deleted items folder before it's deleted (assuming a folder for deleted items is specified).

    The flag refers to the IMAP "flag" which appears as a red flag in Outlook. It SHOULD work with Outlook, but Outlook/Exchange don't always act normally when using IMAP - this is a Microsoft bug (lots of luck getting it fixed). I don't have enough feedback yet to know if there's an issue.

    And I will implement a way to filter on "flagged" at some point.


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