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    First off, please accept my apologies if I'm repeating something that's already been threaded. I'm a newb to this forum in particular and I've tried to dig through the posts, but I haven't found this problem addressed yet.


    Purchased my Treo 650 (Sprint PCS) last Saturday (Jan 28) and the first day was peachy. After that, regardless of whether my phone is attached to my PC or not, the darn thing constantly wants to hotsync. (It's driving me batty.)

    To add to that, the screen turns off unless I'm constantly pressing buttons or touching the screen and it won't return from the sleep mode unless I stick my mini SD in there or attach the USB cable to it. (inconvenient when I'm out and about as my PC doesn't quite fit in my pocket).

    Have spoken to Sprint techs and they instructed to hard reset, and even did it themselves a couple of times to no avail. Costco (I'm never buying my phone from them ever again.) will trade me for a new phone, but they're waiting for a shipment.

    Whilst I wait, I decided to check things out online which led me to the Treo 650 updater 1.13 which somehow led me to this wonderful place, et voila! Hoping I can maybe get a few tips while I wait for the new phone (tho I'm afraid I'll still experience the same problem) and perhaps keep myself from throwing the thing off the highest lookout. For now.
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    Funny behavior after a hard reset usually points to a hardware problem. That's what it sounds like to me.
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    Thank you for the response.


    I don't know what, why or how, but since Sunday morning (Hawaii time) I've been able to get the phone to come out of sleep mode without wanting to fly it out the window. And, it hasn't wanted to hotsync every few minutes. I'm a happy gal. I'm just worried that if I don't exchange the thing when the vendor finally has one available, the funky behavior will start again.
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    I've seen this before with a friend's Unlocked GSM 650.
    I thought it was a hardware problem becasue his 650 was pretty banged-up.
    However, somehow on one ocassion it also stopped trying to hotsync after a hard reset.
    At that point I flashed the firmware and ROM to the latest version.
    It works perfectly now.
    Give it a shot. Be sure to download the correct version for your Sprint 650 from here.
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