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    I have confirmed that Snappermail causes problems with Goodlink after a lot of experimentation. Specifically Goodlink loses touch with the exchange server. ( need personal POP email, Good is used for work Outlook Exchange mail.

    Chattermail doesnt support POP LMOS (Leave Mail on Server). Really an IMAP client.

    Dont want to get into any arguments about this, I need it.

    Back to good old free Versamail which doesnt support storage on SD, but allows LMOS and works OK.

    Any other alternatives?
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    Hmm... Agendus Mail maybe?
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    I use "Inbox to Go" from Data Viz. LMOS, supports POP. I sink wirelessly. Supports Word, Excel, ppt & jpeg attachments & use their outgoing smtp. Good news is that it works great. Bad news-no auto fetch, one acct. only & it cost $49/yr.
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    I've been using both SnapperMail Ent Ed and GoodLink on my Treo 650 for over 8 months with no apparent problems between the two. How could you tell if GoodLink was dropping the Exchange server?

    Due to the memory issues, I run Snapper from the card using ZLauncher or PowerRun. I really only use it for my Gmail account, and now that I can access that from Blazer, I haven't been using Snapper as often as I used to

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