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    Hello, I bought a new Treo headset for my 650, I cannot get enough volume when I am on the hiway, and other driving conditions. I have it all the way up. Do any of you suggest a better headset. The other thing I am not crazy about is the blue light, and the way you turn it on/off. It keeps losing connection with my phone. I have not done the update yet, but will this weekend. I just want another headset that is light, and will work well, with better sound.
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    Scala-500 by Cardo has the best volume from my tests and reading other posts.
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    I had a Scala 500 and took it back for a Plantronics Voyager 510 for the volume. No other headset is as loud.
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    I use the Treo Headset and it works fantastic. I routinely use it while pumping gas (Treo on dash) and often get bannoyed when the headset which I left in car picks up when I am 30 fee away from car. I have the volume at about 25%. Two suggestions:

    1. Where is your phone ? The closer and less obstructions, the better signal to headset.

    2. I use a Jabra ear gel. Walk int a radio shack and pick up a set of "Jabra Ear Gels Assorted Sizes". The large gel will fit on the Treo Headset. Gel has Large CY-13 imprinted on it and package has RFID tag with:

    07421 71022

    The gel gives a firmer fit, better positioning and screens out outside noise.
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    Logitech Mobile Traveler or Mobile Freedom both have volume levels comparable to the Scala 500.
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    I just tried the Scala and its got the worst volume of any headset I've tried.

    The Jabra BT250 is superior. I've heard good things about the Logitech Mobile Freedom. My next attempt will be the Plantronics Voyager.
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