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    Can you use Real Player on your Desktop to Setup Playlists, add songs to that Playlist and then have that transferred to your Treo so you don't have to do all of that from the Treo?

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    I was totally thinking of the same thing last night. For some reason, Real always orders the songs differently than on the computer. For example, I transfered the 2 Matisyahu albums to my card. They did order as two albums, but the order of the songs was all messed up. I had to go in (while waiting for my wife to try on shirts at Target ), add each of the songs to a playlist, then re-order them. It would have been nice to just have the albums both play in order, or at least to set it up on the computer before transfer.
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    With PocketTunes I add all the songs I want in the list and save the playlist. I then open it in Word Pad and move the songs around and then save it. It has worked every time. I would think RealPlayer would let you do the same thing.

    I just tried it and it does not let you edit in a text editor since RP saves it's playlists as a pdb instead of a m3u like pTunes does.
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