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    I am starting a new business soon and will need to use my treo in the beginning for just about everything.

    Anyone that is in business out there that uses their treo for everything? If so, what are the apps that you have and what are the musts??

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    I think that would depend on your business and how satisfied you are with the basic Palm implementations. The ones I would consider regardless of busines stype are:

    Adobe Reader Freeware
    BackUpBuddyVFSPro Shareware
    Bonzai Shareware
    Converter Freeware
    Crash (CrashPro) Freeware (Shareware)
    Directory Assistant Freeware
    DocsToGo Commercial
    FileZ Freeware
    FlightStatus Freeware
    FuelRecord Freeware
    Metro Freeware
    MiniBar Freeware
    MyCar Freeware
    NeatFreakPak Shareware
    PalmPuke Freeware
    PDAReach Commercial
    PowerRun Shareware
    PowerUp Freeware
    Softick Card Export Commercial
    SoundRec Freeware
    SpaceTime Freeware
    Stoic Freeware
    TideTool Freeware
    TimeManagerPad (TMP) Shareware
    TimeSyncXT Freeware
    TipPro Freeware
    TrackerDog Freeware
    TreoAlarm Freeware
    VoiceDial Commercial
    VFSMark Freeware
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    I defiinitely use my Treo for Business and would consider myself a Power user for business and personal. I use:
    DocsToGo 8.0 (Word, Excel, PPT, and Adobe),
    Oxford Dictionary,
    Smartlist to Go to sync with Access databases I use to manage projects,
    Verichat for Instant messaging (which I do use for work),
    Worldmate for manging multiple timezones and other facts,
    mVoice for voicerecording notes and even for recording phonecalls and to email and recorded notes
    Pocket Favorites to sync my internet explorer favorites from one computer to the next and to have access to on the treo,
    Adobe Reader,
    Dir Assistant (Directory Assistance)
    BackUpBuddy (a must)
    I'm about to try Project@Hand 2 MSP for syncing with Microsoft Project.

    (m105 => IIIxe => VIIx =>Tungsten T => i705 => Treo 600 => T-MO MDA => HTC Tytn = HTC Tilt & T-MO Dash => HTC TouchPro & HTC S740 => Palm Pre)
    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    #4 - excellent push email / calendar / contacts. Also, tomtom navigator (with a bluetooth gps) if you find yourself trying to find your way around on the road. unfortunatly, due to the Treo's feeble memory, to get them both to work together you will need a launcher (I use zLauncher) and dbCache tool.

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