So I went through the whole manual,...and here is my situation. I'm coming from a pocketPC world, so I expect things will be a bit different, but similar functionality to be available.

I basically spend most of my day at a computer, so I always have my 650 sync'd up via a usb cable to my computer...I setup versamail, and setup 3 email accounts. (2 POP and 1 Work). The work account synchronizes whenever I HOtSync my treo. The other 2 accounts show that they "appear" to be accessing my POP accounts through my desktop internet connection, but it never downloads or synchronizes those POP email messages. It seems to only want to synchronize POP accounts through wireless connections, which I'm trying to avoid to keep my data bill down.

So is it possible to setup Versamail to get my new messages whenever I HotSync?

Also, I keep autosync turned off so my phone isn't always running up my data bill,...but is there a way during those times I want to access my POP accounts wirelessly that I can just hit a button to "Get Latest" or something like that? I can't seem to find that option.

Finally, is it possible to setup an email account that acts both as a POP account, and a direct Outlook account? Here is the scenario. I have my work PC, and my home PC. My home PC has outlook set to download my emails off my primary POP email account. My work PC has outlook set to basically deal with my corporate work email. When I'm at work, I want to be able to download my newest emails off my POP account through HotSync. When I get home, I just want to synchronize my emails again for the same account, but using the Outlook settings I have setup on my home PC. Does this make sense?

I appreciate any help I can get in this matter.