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    I just upgraded our CEOs phone to 1.20ENA. He had been using it with 1.13 previously. After the upgrade, when I went to re-pair the phone the Acura refused to complete the procedure. The two outcomes are just an error tone after I name the phone or sometimes it says that I cannot initiate pairing from the phone and stops.

    I followed the exact same process I used to connect the treo to his car in the past. I go to the Acura go to Main Menu, Phone Setup Pair, enter the PIN, go to the Treo, hands free setup, I enter the same pin and it used to work. The HandsFreeLink DOES show up as a kit on the Treo's screen.

    The part of the process where it stops is just before the Acura says "You have paired your phone successfully."

    Does anybody have it working? Is there a different procedure I need to follow?

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    I have the same issues with various phones and my MDX. The issues is with the Acura and not the phone. If after you get the "please state a name for your phone" message, all you get is a beep and it kicks you out, you have to delete the pairing on the Treo and start over. I found that if I turn the ignition off and back on before restarting the pairing sequence, I have better luck

    The longest it has taken me to pair is 4 attempts. A real PIA.

    The other message you are getting "can not initiate pairing process from phone" occurs when the pairing process does not complete but the Handsfree Link device shows on the Treo. If you click on the Treo entry and select Connect, the Acura will give you that message.

    Good luck and hope it helps.

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    I have an Unlocked GSM 650 After upgrading the treo with the latest update to 1.71 FW and 1.20 SW here is what I did to repair with my 2004 TL...

    1. Delete the Phone setup in the Acura HFL
    2. Turn Ignition off and remove key.
    3. Soft reset the treo
    4. Once the treo resets, turn on Ignition and go through the pairing process.
    5. Once the pairing process is complete, I till look like the HFL and phone do not pair and the phone indicator does not show in the display. Give the system a few minutes and the pairing will complete and the indicator will display.
    6. Make sure that you trun Bluetooth discoverable to OFF and set the HFL to trusted device on the treo...

    In addition I found another post relating to pairing the 650 with the 2005 TL ...

    Originally Posted by DHAnderson
    I had been using the Hands-Free Setup button to pair when I was encountering the problems.

    Palm responded with this slightly different method (Note: I did not re-apply the Car Kit update as I was now using 1.20ENA and I thought the Car Kit update was for 1.13ROW):

    Glad to hear from you, Dave! I understand that after updating your Treo™650 to 1.20, you can no longer pair it to your 2005 Acura TL. To resolve this issue, I would suggest that you re-apply the Car Kit Upgrade but if this wont work, please try the troubleshooting steps found below:

    1. On your Treo, tap on PREFS.
    2. Under Communication, tap on Bluetooth®.
    3. Tap on Setup Devices.
    4. Tap on Trusted Devices.
    5. Select or highlight the name of your Acura from the list.
    6. Tap on Details.
    7. Tap on Delete Device.
    8. Tap on OK then Done twice.
    9. Turn on your Bluetooth.
    10. Make sure your Treo is set to Discoverable.
    11. Tap on Setup Devices.
    12. Tap on Trusted Devices.
    13. Tap on Add Device.
    14. Beside Show, please choose Nearby devices.

    Your Treo will now look for your Acura TL.

    15. Tap on your Acura TL.
    16. Tap on OK.

    I hope this helps!

    - Dave

    650 GSM Unlocked
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    Thanks guys for the great suggestions. I am going to try these today.


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