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    Quote Originally Posted by moppet52
    I'm confused. I thought in a previous post that the software would not work with GPRS/EDGE. What Treo600 can run Wifi (or is this only for those with the Enfora WiFi sled)?

    Can I try this program with my Treo650 on TMobile? I am very interested in beta testing this... but have no idea whether I should bother.
    The application is open for beta testing so we wanted to test it in WiFi, BT and EDVO. But as per EDGE has low Qos and bandwidth at some places so the connection problem may arise and it may not lead to successful testing of the application so we do not officially support EDGE.

    On your Treo650 on TMobile you can try mobiVoip for beta testing. For that you need to download the latest version i.e mobiVoip 0.9.2 from our forum website and mail us your email ID to
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    hmm very interesting concept...ONLY IF IT WAS FREE sick of paying for apps...i already paid 400 bucks for my treo!
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    Hi All,

    New version v0.9.8 with background mode, OTA upgrade, better network error handling and many more is available at

    Try out the great new features.

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    Are you still taking beta testers? I just tried to sign up but it wouldn't allow me.
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    You can download and use the beta/beta account/pass to try echo test on your device - send the test results to support(at) - you will be added to the long distance callers list where you can call PSTN numbers.

    You can find more info at
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