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    So, I tried Chatter with the OWA plugin, and I like that, but the trial just ended. My company (FINALLY) upgraded to Exchange Server 2003, so I'm going to try Versamail for a bit. I know I'm losing some functionality (Specifically Push email), but I'm willing to play with it for a while to see if I can get used to it (I go back and forth into a cave of an office with no service, so that always tripped Chatter up anyways).

    Now, something that I can't believe I lose is the ability to select whatever alert sound I want. I've gotten used to the Chirp sound, and am amazed that Versamail only allows a limited choice. Is there anyway around this (That doesn't involve purchasing a new program?)
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    All you get is the 8 in the drop down list as far as I know.
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