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    Can I use a bluetooth headset while using a bluetooth GPS system? or would I have to use a wired headset while using the gps?

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    you can't use 2 bluetooth devices at the same time
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    You may want to ask yourself if a BT headset is actually what you want. With A BT GPS set up, you have a BT receives somehere on ya dashboard and where's ya Treo ? ... pocket, dashboard , cupholder ? What is charging your Treo when you are using your GPS ? Or are you content to have an almost dead Treo upon arrival at your destination after a longish trip ?

    If you are going to go with a cradle and charger then witha BT set up, you have:

    Treo in cradle
    BT receiver
    charging cord to ciggie lighter

    If you go witha wired set up, you have:

    Treo in cradle w/ built in receiver
    charging cord to ciggie lighter

    So in a car, the wired solution allows you to keep your Treo charged with a bit less clutter. If you want to carry on your person and Treo battery is not an issue, then the BT has obvious advantages.

    GSM Version
    CDMA version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer
    you can't use 2 bluetooth devices at the same time
    Is there perhaps an updated capability on the 650 with v1.20 that would make this possible? Or is the 700W different in this respect since the following post mentions 3 simultaneous connections!

    BTW bluetooth based TomTom does offer a kind of dual connection. The phone can be answered on the Treo 650 while TT is active, and the call can be switched to the headset. The Treo then looses the TomTom bluetooth GPS connection for a while. But once TomTom is restarted it continues as if never interrupted. This is all manual unfortunately and requires 2 presses of the green button.
    And of course I always get a call when I need TT the most for directions and the would be directions during call time are lost as am I.

    The TT feature that automatically restarts TomTom once a call is answered by a single green button press, unfortunately disables the headset (in my case only?).
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    With the wired version, the call automatically goes to the headset and TT autorestarts w/o any button pushing.

    As for as the referenced post, I kinda remember some challenges and at least a partial retraction.

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