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    i'd like to create a tab which shows some documents i got on my sd can I do that? and how does it work with pictures?
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    As far as I know this only works for internal files, not on the SD card, but you can create a new tab and specify which creator ID to show in that tab.

    That said, I don't think you'll see a thumbnail page or anything from jpg's.

    If someone else has better input, I'd be interested to know myself.
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    If I'm understanding the question, the ZL zip file has a program called zReaderLite.prc that should allow you to read palm docs. If you downloaded it, define it as your default reader in the ZL prefs.
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    You can also view dir on the card vie Resco explorer fyi. Resco will also launch the doc (be they pdoc, MS word etc) via proper app as well...
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    I had high hopes for Zlink to be able to do this. It will allow you to create a link to a DTG document, assign it an icon and show it in a tab, however when you try and launch the document it can't find the application to launch the document. This could be because I have DTG moved to the card.

    zlink is in beta and may have a work around for this issue, I haven't spent much time on it.

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