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    I have used the NOAA feeds quite a bit and find them unreliable to date. Hopefully this will get better as time goes on. I think a backup weather service would be a great idea if this program is to be successful.
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    Hello, nice with a few questions:

    1. Will you add international cities?
    2. Can you add option to use keys on treo to operate features like update, profile, etc. instead of going into menu? (quick one tap access)
    3. Do the profiles get saved to hot sync log on desktop for future restore?
    4. Is there a way to zoom in to see close up in radar image?
    5. How do you install custom radar images?
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    hello everyone. here is a quick explanation of what's going on:

    xWeather uses a few web services provided by NOAA to get weather information (current conditions, alerts, forecasts). this method should be much more reliable than parsing their html weather webpage b/c the web services are documented interfaces using standard protocols. parsing the html webpage can easily break should the webmaster decide to make any format changes.

    unfortunately, due to a server load issue, they have decided to take the forecast service offline while they debug it.

    quoting from their website:

    NDFD XML: Technical problems
    On 10 Feb 2006, techncial issues currently have the NDFD-XML service offline while we debug a server load issue.
    jason and i are currently looking into workarounds and we are considering accelerating the schedule to include an optional weather source (such that the user can select weather source per profile). we are VERY sorry these problems came up, but i suppose it's best they came up now while we are still in BETA. please stay tuned while we attempt to work these problems.
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    It appears everthing (including the Forecast) is updating properly.
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    Wow, really? Radar and satellite images have never work for me on xWeather.
    Try the 95118 zip code or San Francisco, CA. I get no satellite or radar images, never have. Then again there haven't been any clouds or rain either

    I'm going to attempt to add custom radar images from here:
    The image should be this URL:

    I have a few other weather pages I might tap radar or satelltie images off of also, I've bookmarked them here:

    OMG. I'm retarted. MobiTV installs pnojpeg.prc also (a different version.) I had reinstalled MobiTV and thus overwritten pnojepg that came with xWeather. When I re-installed xWeather's I get the radar images now.
    (user error)

    And after trying to make a custom radar with the URL above, It won't work. Those are GIF and xWeather needs JPEG.
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    I really like this app. I might acutally pay for it!! Everything works fine and it was fun to watch as the Noreaster came closer and closer, on the satelite image.

    Solid app.
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    I love the app. If you put Marine forecasts on it, you have another customer here.
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    kinda quiet here.... any new updates in the horizon?

    Would really love to see international support !
    Also, one key command support and tap for detailed forecast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moxsi

    for those following this thread, we have well over 100 testers and 2 reported resets so far. we sincerely thank ALL of you for help in testing our app and providing us with helpful feedback.
    Count me as another Treo 650 user who has installed a couple of releases and each time it crashes the 650. I've just emailed you with details, but it crashes as soon as it gets done downloading data for my location (after the progress bars). Then it crashes each subsequent time that I run XW until I delete it and reinstall it. I assume it's something in the downloaded data that it doesn't like.

    Zip: 60565
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    service down again - lastest beta
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    Update... I downloaded and installed yesterdays build and all is fine now. Sweet!
    Bryan Nystrom
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    I just checked your zipcode on a treo 600 and it worked. I did however, notice that
    there was some missing data for that zipcode (no weather alert zone info). I have
    fixed that, so I suspect that might have been the cause for your crash. I'm not sure
    why this would not also affect the t600, so let us know if you have more problems.

    Thanks !

    btw- Yes, the NOAA forecast server is acting up again today at times. We are
    already working on an alternate solution for this... more details later !
    Moxsi LLC
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    I have tried installing this app a few weeks apart on two different occasions. I tried when the first beta came out. The Treo reset as soon as it downloaded data for my zip code (63119). I just reinstalled it today, after a hard reset, and it loaded data for my area fine. There was a weather warning ticker going at the bottom, and I clicked on it...RESET! Now, it resets whenever I attempt to even start the app. I hope this helps with catching those bugs, as the look of this app is superb. I would definitely use it if it was stable on my treo.
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    your problem looks like the same one that bnystrom had. I added the weather alert
    zone info for that zipcode,so try reloading the app. First remove xWeather
    from your phone and add it back. Let me know if this solves your problem

    Moxsi LLC
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    I did as you said, and the app works wonderfully now. The graphic quality is great! However, one more quirk. According to xWeather, it is 70 degrees in St. Louis right now. The problem with that is, it's 32! I've tried refreshing the data, and it appears everything else is correct, even the radar images. Just the basic weather stats are off.
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    Glad to hear it !

    I have seen that before, when the weather station isn't reporting for some reason.
    (I assume that's why)
    It doesn't seem to happen often, and it does correct itself after a few hours.
    Moxsi LLC
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    All weather stats updating correctly now, must have just been a lapse on the local weather reporting team's part. Great app! I'd definitely pay for it in a final version, provided it's completely stable and its sources remain reliable.
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    Mox Crew:

    I just gave the beta a try and left a message on your support forum. Nice program. a couple quick things:
    1 - radar and satellite for 21146 don't show the correct area. it is too far west
    2 - the scrolling text on the "current" page is a dizzyingly fast for me

    Thanks. keep up the good work.
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    try using your stylus to pan the radar and satellite images. Once you have the map centered over the area you are interested in, xWeather will remember it and restore
    the map to the same location when you view that profile again.
    Thanks for the comments !
    Moxsi LLC
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    I bet that was in those pesky directions that I never read.

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