I am using Ringo since a while and am with V4.43a at the moment. Nice app, really like it (even displays the photos of the contacts in Outlook I sync with KeySuite).

I have assigned quite a number of MP3 ringtones (from SD card) as well as normal ringtones to contacts. Now what I observe (and this also happend with previous versions) ist that when I receive a call I get the phone screen (with the red and green button) but for about four seconds nothing happens, then the ringtone starts (a little shaky when it queries for the photo obviously) and only then it works normally.

This is not actually a problem but also quite "unpleasant". I have the feeling it got a little worse since the update from 1.20 (did a new install from the scratch, btw, and not just resynced my backup after the update).

Is this normal or do I have problem here? Anybody else experiencing this?