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    OK, I think I have figured out why people keep calling me to see what I meant. I turned on the send a copy feature and copied myself.

    If the email I am replying to (or forwarding) is HTML formatted, and I forward it, it looks good onthe screen, but when it is sent, it is garbled, not just run together, but it looks like:


    I am using the latest beta, and 1 POP account, check every 30, store on the SD Card.

    Marc, if you have any Ideas, please let me know.

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    Huh; I've never had that reported, and have never seen it myself. I tried forwarding an HTML message to myself, and it looked exactly right to me. I have no wonder if it's somehow related to the SMTP server you're using... Could you make me a log that shows sending a message that is received garbled? Instructions in the FAQ at

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    I will make a log and send it, thanks.

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