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    Anytime I swap out batteries when one runs out of power thus performing a soft reset, the changes I made to my Personal Buttons applications are reset to factory settings. Is there a way to make the changes to the Personal Buttons permanent?
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    Are you using a 3rd party software to set up your buttons?

    You could swap the batteries with the charging cable plugged-in. That won't cause the reset. It's not an ideal fix, but avoids the problem, temporarily.
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    I would expect those settings to be in saved preferences but they may be in unsaved preferences. Try using something like filez to copy those two files over to your SD card then copying them back after the battery swap. A bit of a nuisance but easier than setting all your buttons again.

    Not sure why the battery swap is different than a soft reset. Have you tried a soft reset to see if the settings are retained? Wondering if some third party app is affecting things.
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    Something is wrong with your pref file, I swap batteries every other day and NEVER have this problem even with 1.20.

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