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    This is really frustrating. My Treo 650 (Sprint) keeps reloading the same mail over and over again. I am getting mail from a POP account. I believe that the Treo software is updated to the most current version. If I delete mail, whether I keep it in the trash folder or not, the Treo will reload all the deleted mail one of the next few times I get new mail. I have tried setting preferences for the Treo to load only mail from the past day or two, but this is not a good solution. The result is that the Treo still begins a download of all email on the server, but stops after the "new" ones have been loaded -- resulting in the need to tap two different acknowledgments/instructions to return to normal standby (use the Treo) mode. And, of course, if you don't make those taps, the Treo can't later grab any newer mail. Is it possible for the Treo and Versamail to get mail one time and one time only without my having to delete the mail from the server as it is deleted from the Treo -- which is obviously a problem if I want to also receive the mail on one or more PC's? I am coming to the conclusion that the answer is no, which leads to the next question -- will some other email software, like Snapper, provide a solution? Finally, if the answer is Snapper or some other email software, will that other email program truely sync with Outlook email, i.e. can I perform a sync between the Treo and a PC with the result that the content in both mail boxes is identical? End rant. Thanks for any suggestions/advice. Burton
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    Try setting up your versamail for other mail type and use for the server works great no more repeating emails for me and guys at work too
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    I use Sprint only for my outgoing server. Are you suggesting that changing the outgoing mailserver to imap will impact what mail is downloaded from my employer's incoming mail server? I have given it a try and am early in a download of 1190 emails, but it doesn't make sense to me that this will work. Of course, I am getting pretty used to experiences that don't make sense to me....
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    I have to wonder how VM would know that it downloaded an e-mail i it was deleted from your Treo ? Seems the server would have tpo somehow recognize that you were there alreday for that one. Only way I know of is to select "Delete Mail from Server" option which of course means you can't acces sit from other device.

    Perhaps your employers server software has such a capability but I wouldn't expect mail thru an ISP to have this fetaure.
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    Yes, that sounds reasonable, but Outlook sure does it. I have been receiving the same POP/ISP email account on both my home and office PC's for years and Outlook never downloads the same email at either location twice. Both PC's have Outlook set to leave the mail on the server for 7 days, but each PC only pulls each mail one time. That made it tolerable for the Treo to occasionally reload all of the emails, but now I am at a new office, do not have control over how long things remain on the server and apparently they stay on the server a very long time. I do appreciate the suggestions, but it looks like I will just have to put up with it.

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