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    Hello I just got my first smartphone, a treo 650 for cingular. I know with bluetooth I can hotsync and have setup such. I was wondering the following:

    1) How can I send and recieve text messages via my powerbook linked with treo via Bluetooth? (if possible)
    2) How do I setup having my phone be a bluetooth wireless modeom? (if possible)
    3) (THIS IS HUGE FOR ME) Is there a way to see incoming calls on my powerbook and answer and talk with my powerbook... so basically my powerbook is acting as an advanced bluetooth headset. I really want this but do not know if it is possible.

    Thank you for any and all input, if you have any other treo 650 and PB BT programs you think are useful please share!
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    I'm surprised no one has responded to you on this at least to say that, for #2, you need to search for "mac DUN" (DUN is "dial up networking").

    I have gotten this to work on my PB with my (also rather new ) Cingular 650. You will find links to download modem scripts that you will need to add to your Mac to allow it to see and use the 650 as the bluetooth modem. Then you have to put in the connection settings once you select that modem script.

    here's the settings I have used and gotten to work in Internet Connect>Bluetooth:

    configuration: Cingular (EDGE) <----this is where you select the modem script that you added to your computer, the one you use will depend on the network type that you have access to in your area
    telephone number: wap.cingular
    account name: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM
    password: cingulargprs I think this is right, it's not visible for me now of course... I just found it in the same thread here where I found the scripts and settings

    In addition to getting these settings right on your machine, there's a couple more things you have to do. On the Treo, you have to turn on the DUN service in Prefs>Bluetooth>Dial-up Networking (this will disable bluetooth hotsyncing)

    You then have to search for the Treo on your Mac so it sees that it can use it as a modem now that you've turned that on.

    IIRC, that should get you there, you should be able to hit "connect" in Internet Connect and the mac will dial in on the Treo. I was shocked at how fast the connection was (I think the EDGE access helps there)... Once you've done this, all you have to do is turn on DUN on the Treo (if you want to hotsync after using it as a modem, you have to turn off the DUN access) and hit connect.

    Can't help on the other questions...
    Treo 755P

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