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    I am looking for a program that I could use to create a flower
    identification guide. I would like to be able to create a program
    that would have two questions on a 'page' , where clicking on either
    one would bring you to a different page. I could do this on
    handDbase, by saying go to number # and then going back to the main
    list and clicking on that entry. But this is more steps than I would
    like. Does anyone happen to know of an application that would allow me to
    do this?
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    I would suggest handyshopper. It started as a grocery shopping databases but peps are using it to do movie collections, kingfu workouts, you name it.

    Ask over in the UG for your application
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    Even better would be a solution that allowed you to generate/use a Random Access ID key. These remove the common experience (when using the dichotomous keys you are describing) of becoming stuck when either your ignorance, or a lack of understanding on the part of the key designer or just the basic quirkiness of any group of organisms, leaves you uncertain as to which of the two choices apply. A random access keys allow you to enter those observations of which you are certain, and then it automatically exclude all members of the set that dont share all those features. They are great fun to use.

    One of the main designers of this style of software (Lucid) however has no mention of anything palm-friendly however.


    maybe some DB whizzes out there would know how to tweak existing software to do this sort of thing, but its way out of my league,


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