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    I need help.
    I have used the handspring/Palm mail client for awhile with no problems until now.
    It's apparent my webhost recently must have changed their mail applications. My site recently went offline, i was unable to login to my mail, now the whole mail stuff looks differrent. On the cpanel of my site it instructs you to enable SMTP authentication in your email client in order to send mail. Now however the tech support guy tells me you don't have to enable SMTP to send mail I guess now for whatever new reason.
    SO I can recieve mail using handspring/Palm mail just fine. BUt in checking the log with it it says it is unable to authenticate SMTP. SO What free email apps for a Tre0600 are there? if any. This whole thing sucks royally. ANy tips? I gather i could possibly send mail if perhaps disabling SMTP authentication with a Tre0 mail client. I don't want to have to change webhosts.
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    Can you just reconfigure your account setup up as
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    Thanks man I got it, have to look up wtf SMTP is for anyways.
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    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

    The protocol for sending email used by most everyone.

    SMTPAUTH requires a valid username and password in order to send email. It is used to keep people who do not have an account from sending email via your provider. This gives the provider a tool against spammers and people in bad account status.

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