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    I had been using a SanDisk Ultra II 1GB SD w/USB on my Treo 650, which was nice to have the direct USB connectivity, but was VERY slow. I was living with it, but with my recent use of TomTom and increasing use of TCPMP, I was looking for more space.

    I ordered the RiDATA 2GB Pro 120x SD card from As I write this, it's $99 (plus something like $5 for shipping, and minus $10 for a mail-in rebate).

    The speed of the card is really nice - VFS on the SanDisk was 1GB was 267, the RiDATA 2Gb gives me 356 - makes a BIG difference when doing backups with BackupMan.

    One more nice thing - I needed to transfer data and applications from the old card to the new - I renamed the new card to the same name as my old card using the Card Info app. Then I plugged the USB SD card into my laptop, plugged the new SD card into a PC Card adapter and then into my laptop and just copied from the old to the new. When I then plugged the new card into the Treo, everything worked! PowerRun links were fine; TCPMP worked like a charm; TomTom continued to work as expected.

    So, I've only had the card for 24 hours, but I'm so far quite pleased. I'll send an update if my satisfaction level should change...

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    Another card to recommend is Kingston Ultimate 2GB. It gives me 625 VFSMark result. I have not had any issues with this card either.
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    Big thumbs up here as well for the RiDATA 2GB Pro 120x. Got mine two weeks ago and running apps. off of it via ZLauncher, is fast. I've officially dumped my iPod Nano as well.

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