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    Ok, so when i recieve an SMS, the intial one vibrate goes off, and then about 10 seconds later the attention grabber kicks in. I thought the attention grabber would replace the intial one vibrate that the Palm defaults an incoming SMS as...

    Am I wrong, or is there anyway to have just the attention grabber alert occur without Palms default alerts?
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    Check "i" next to Attention Grabber: "It doesn't replace any alerts, but if you miss an alert, call, sms or similar, it can nag you until you turn on your treo and tap a button on the screen or press the centre key."

    Hope that explains it.
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    Does anyone know if aled or soundblinkhack from 79bmedia work? It says Palm OS 4 only, so probably not, but COULD this type program work? I too use Butler, but the alert manager is the only thing that I use...,en/

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