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    First I must admit that after owning the T300 and T600, I moved to a Windows Mobile device (PPC6700) but my boss stayed with the Treo and now has a 650. I still assist him on a regular basis with his Treo so I haven't lost touch but he's coming to me with a problem that I can't seem to put my finger on. His phone will vibrate for approx. one second and stop. The screen will not light up and nothing happens, it just vibrates. Has anyone had this problem before? What should I do...its driving him nuts, and he's constantly telling me about it...which drives me nuts. Help please?
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    Any E-Mail programs running in the background that is checking for mail?
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    Does your boss have GoodLink installed? I just had it installed on my Treo about a week ago, and get the same exact behavior on my phone now.
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    Snappermail is running, but I already had him disable all automatic recieves. I guess the next step is to uninstall the program.

    Goodlink isn't installed.

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