Yesterday, while traveleing, my 11 month old T650 starting acting up. It would randomly try to hot-sync, time out and then shut down. The only way to turn it on woulld be to do a soft reset or plug in to a power cord.

By the time I got back into town and to a Cingular store, it was mid-afternoon. They fiddled with the unit for a while, said they were stumped and said I should call their warrranty number.

I called around 3:30 and was told that they would send me another handset. I optioned to pay the $7.50 charge for 1-2 day delivery but was told that it was too late to ship that day but I should have the unit by Friday. Not bad, 2 days.

Around 9:30 this morning, UPS shows up at my door with my replacement. I put in the SIM and the battery and hot-synced. Everything in back to normal.

I know Cingular is far from perfect, but 18 hours from phone call to replacement is pretty good.