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    I purchased PQDVD's POcket DVD studio for palm. It is a pretty simple process to RIP a DVD to my Treo 650. I am trying to find out what setting others are using for the best record/playback. I am using TCPMP for playback.

    The default recording fps rate is 15. I tried to bump it up to 20 to get closer to the DVD native 24 fps. When I did, I had a problem with the audio being out of sync with the video and I wasn't able to correct it with the offset. I'm not sure if this a processor speed issue. So, I went back to 15 FPS and enabled the two pass encoding. The audio/video sync are fine now, but the video motion isn't as smooth as I would like.

    What have y'all tried and what works? Also, what stretch/crop, etc are you using?
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    I always use 2 passes. I haven't messed with my setting since I first set it up a year ago and I'm not at home... I know that I use FM quality audio since "most" earbuds and for sure the back speaker can't deliver much better.

    I'll take a look at my setting whe I get home. If you don't get more posts I'll put in here, but I know there are a lot of multimedia user here that can deliver more info than I. You"ll find more in the PALM OS Multimedia forum here at Treo Central.
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    oops didn't notice that forum. I think I will copy my post over to there. Thanks.

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