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    I am new to the treo (but not palms) and I was wondering how I can put songs I have on my computer as my ring tones on my palm... I have an Apple FYI.

    SO please tell me how to do it, what format the songs must be in, how long, etc...

    Thank you,
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    Anyone know of any free MP3 to MIDI converters? for Apple or Windows?!
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    mp3 to MIDI?
    They exist (mostly for windows)... but... completely different formats...

    There are some tricks:

    Copy WAV files (8khz, 16bit - to save memory) to your SD card (or MIDI files, tho max 16 voices) and then with a Resco Explorer (for example) move it to your internal memory and it can now be used as ringtone.
    DO the same for the WAV file.
    **There is a method to do this by using BLAZER:

    OR if you have BT on your desktop computer DIRECTLY send the MIDI or WAV filebto the TREO and ... there you are... now usable RINGTONES...
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