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    Ok, so here's the story. My friend was playing with my treo 600 in science class today. Then for some reasons. He punched me. The stylus was still in his hand. Then the little black part on top broke off. I came home and put some tape on. IT was working fine so I left it. Then I go to take in out and only the black part comes out. So now 4/5ths of my stylus is stuck inside its holder. And I dont know how to get it out! Can someone help me out? I'm kinda afraid to take apart the treo. But I really want my stylus back.
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    Supreglue and a paperclip.
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    Ohh...and a steady hand!
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    Sadly, that's my best idea

    The problem is that once I get it out I need a replacement 600 stylus. I don't want a pen one though. That would be my last resort. Does anyone have one? I don;t have paypal or anything. But I'd be willing to send the cash.
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    Is the entire black top gone, or is there still some left? If you still have some plastic, maybe drive a small nail (or a small screw) into it, and try to pull it out. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    open a free paypal account. go on ebay and buy one for like $5 (shipping included).
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    If you want one, let me know. I can send one to you at a lower price.
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    This clearly shows the dangers of letting one's "friends" play with their stylus!!

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    Haha. Just want to mock u bro.

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