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    the update using Jamesgangut stripped ROM vers 2 was flawless, the Carrier DB is 255, all emoticons working.....but the came the mother of all problem...the phone keeps on freezing if I leave it unused for 2 hrs or so. Soft reset usually did the trick, but rathe annoying still to have multiple resets on daily basis. On odd times it just reset by itself when dialed a certain number. Anyone experience the same problems??? I have trimmed down my add ons to TCPMP, Sea War, ZFile, CCLite, Metro, Treo Alarm and Converter, but still the problem remains. Please..please someone out me out Tried numerous resets...soft, warm, hard, zero out......problem still persist.

    Cheers and thank for anyone sparing few moments to read this post.
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    Are you saying that after a hard reset, without a subsequent restoring hotsync, the problem persists? If so, then the problem is either hardware related, or if it didn't exist before the 1.20 update, update related.
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