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    When i try to press and hold a key to launch a program using butler's keylauncher it quickly scrolls through all the tabs in zlauncher until the program launches. I think i figured out that keycaps is simulating a backspace when you hold a key down to switch characters and since backspace can switch tabs its triggering zlauncher to switch. This is getting to be pretty frustrating and annoying . Is there anyway i can disable the backspace button from switching tabs?
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    I see this happen sometimes but not all the time. So I have never tried to fix it. Sorry.
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    Try going into Butler and select Navigation > KeyCaps Setup > then set Ignore to 1 repeats before launch.

    I don't have Zlauncher so I can't tell if that will fix your situation, but I had a problem with Keycaps and Butler's Keylauncher until I set it up like I described.

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