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    I just got a new Sandisk 2GB SD Card. Inserted it, and can read it for about 30 seconds. Then BAM. 650 seems like it loses connection with it and I cant read it anymore. I need to eject it and reinsert it for it to be recognized and then again it loses connection in about 30 seconds.

    What gives?
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    did you format it on your computer?
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    1. Try formatting on your 650 1st
    2. Try formatting with card in 650, using Softick Card Export II on Treo. Connect Hotsync cable and use CEII to mount the Treo's SD card as a windows drive . Then use windows to format it.
    3. If the above don't work, format it in a card redaer in your desktop / laptop. I use the Enermax 18 in 1 unit.
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    didnt work.
    Treo 'loses' the card in about 20 seconds or so and cant see it unless I eject and reinsert.
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    Take the card back. It's most likely defective.
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    If there is a consensus about SD Cards, and 2GB cards especially, is that there is no consensus. It's really hit-or-miss. This is why it's good to shop for cards at Circuit City and other retailers with full, no-questions-asked return policies. Sometimes it's worth paying the premium, especially since with many online retailers, failure means a restocking fee and shipping cost to return it

    Was this the base SanDisk 2GB card, or the high-speed Ultra version? Some people think that the high-speed cards have a greater failure rate in the Treo. I have a SanDisk 2GB basic blue card and it works fine.

    I agree that returning for a replacment is a good idea. If it is the Ultra version, try getting the base "low speed" model instead.
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    standard blue 2gb card
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    format it on "My Computer" --right click-- format --use FAT, not FAT 32--it might work!
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    if it doesn't work after formatting it using your treo and also using your computer AND if other sd cards do work well with your treo THEN your card is faulty. my suggestion is that you try out the card when buying it, that is if you buy it offline.

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