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    After spending considerable time at the forums and with google & the QuickNews manual -- unsuccessfully-- I could use some input. There are times when I'm using QN, when I'd like to "send article" or "send link" to the addy I entered in the QN pref screen. QN is configured to use Chatter, but it only partially works. That is, I'm tossed to Chatter, with an email form awaiting my input, with the designated "to" addy. But, for the life of me, I can't get the actual article or link to auto-appear within the body. I **thought** this feature would just let me tap the "send" command, and it would be a done deal. Since I don't see this problem mentioned anywhere, I figure it must be me. What the heck did I mess up or overlook???

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    Have had same issue. Love to see this get fixed but don't know which app the problem lies in as they both have had upgrades which could have broken the co-existance.
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    No issues with Snapper.

    But I do have problems sending. From time to time (it's all very random) I'll get a send-error message. Don't remember what it says, exactly. But the message actually does send. Most of the time.

    It appears to be a conflict in QN and Snapper both wanting to monopolize the data stream. If I "disconnect" from QN, then I don't seem to have any problems. So what I do now is queue up all my messages in the outbox (I don't send them). Disconnect from QN when I'm all done. And then and only then, send all the messages from Snapper. Seems to do the trick.
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    I have the same symptom sending an article from Express with Chatter. The email features of these become useless because of this. I'm anxious for them to play well together.
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    Thanks for that heads up. Left a post there yesterday, repeating your (and others') request. Marc responded: it's in the latest Chatter beta. On my way back there now to grab it and give it a whirl. Just wanted to return here to add this note, for others interested in this QuickNews/Chatter integration issue.
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    Thank YOU, Sir. Got the beta in RAM this AM (make sure it works before I replace what's in ROM), and it works like a charm. Makes a HUGE difference.
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    Ahhhhh .... ain't (e-)Life wunnerful? :-D

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