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    Based on the excellent reviews on the Scala 500 headset, I purchased the device through the treocentral store. I paid the price noted on TreoCentral plus an additional $35.US for shipping the first week of January. I received the headset 2 business days after my purchase. I plugged it in overnight and went to set things up with my Treo the next day. it worked for a little over a minute then cut off...the Scala wouldn't turn back on. I plugged it in again and it worked for another minute then shut down. What it came down to is that the headset wasn't charging. I phoned the helpline at Scala and they figured that it was the charger that wasn't working. They sent a new one(that took 3 weeks!), I plugged it in again and it the result ended up the same. I phoned Scala again and they said I need to send them the device back as it is probably defective. Now I'll probably need to wait another month before I get a new one back...hopefully that one works. In the future I'll make my purchases at a store where I can go in and replace it right away. This has been very frustrating and time consuming.
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    Understand you frustration...but my Scala500 is working flawlessly...FWIW.
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    I'm sorry, too. I've had mine for about 8 months and it rarely gives me any trouble at all. I hope the replacement does the trick for you.

    But I'm not sure I'd be too hard on TreoCentral. It seems like Cardio is trying to stand up to the problem.

    Did you really pay $35 for expedited shipping?
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    We have four at our company and all work perfectly (except when you run over them with a car)
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    Yep, My Scala works fine after about 8 months. I cant say much for the range/sound quality, but I think thats more Palms fault for having a crappy BT radio in the Treo.
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    my Scala worked flawlessly. Did you try to contact TreoCentral Store about the problems ? I don't expect them (TC Store) to test each device before they ship it (so they wouldn't know it was defective) or to be able to read your mind on your satisfaction with the product (if you didn't notify them).

    Sorry you had a problem, but please issue warnings where warnings are due. In this case, I think you are being unfair.
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    PS. I just bought something and the next day shipping was $23.95 - why did you end up paying so much for shipping ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcc3
    but I think thats more Palms fault for having a crappy BT radio in the Treo.
    I wonder if it's more of a "matching" thing. I get well over 25 feet and clear sound quality on my Treo 650 / Treo BT Headset. My office is 26 x 18 and going the 31 feet "catty corner", I can still talk clearly with the Treo in one corner and me in the other. I frequently continue conversations when exiting the car and pumping gas with Treo still on dash or car cradle. Wasn't impressed when using say the 911 but on the 8 passenger SUV a fair distance considering the metal shell and all.

    In fact I find the extended range sometimes annoying when out on a jobsite (usually at bottom of an underground precast concrete structure) and figuring I can safely use my phone (with the headset left in car), then I am wondeing why I don't hear anything and look at the screen and see that I have to "cancel" the headset connection because the darn things are still linked.

    I have alsoo often wondered just how much the hardware differs. I mean obvioulsy the radio for the phone is different on the CDMA vs GM models but what impact does that have on the BT if any ?
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    Wow, I can't believe you get that much range from the palm treo headset. i haven't tried that one...maybe I should. that's been my one great frustration with all of the headsets I've tried. Well, the range AND the lack of volume.
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    I definitely would NOT recommend a Scala. I purchased one a while back because of the great reviews I saw, and after I received it, I found it completely unusable with the Treo 650 because there was so much static. I ended it up giving it away to a friend who owns a Motorola cellphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcc3
    Yep, My Scala works fine after about 8 months. I cant say much for the range/sound quality, but I think thats more Palms fault for having a crappy BT radio in the Treo.
    Lets be clear here...the BT radio silicon is excellent, its Palm's integration that is a little lacking.

    The way I look at it, they have an entire system to worry about...and much larger issues to solve first. But with time, the whole system will long as they continue to release updates. The last Cingular s/w update improved BT greatly for me...and that was entirely a s/w upgrade.
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    I think the thread title is misleading. It is just one unit, and they are replacing it. . .
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    I bought my Scala 500 last January '05 to use with my Sprint/T650. It's been working great. I charge it every other day and has good range. Only static I get is if I'm near a metal building or under some power lines.

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    Yup, works great here too. Good job with the drama OP.

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