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    Anyone using either the full or lite version of MiniCalc by Solutions in Hand. I am looking for some feedback before I choose my spreadsheet. I use Lotus 1-2-3 so seamless connectivity with Bill Gates' Excel does me squat, I need something that works with csv or something else.
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    I was just going to post a problem I've had with solutions in hand when I saw your post. Whatever you do DO NOT buy the lite version. All support has been discontinued. It's good to know I pissed $20 down my leg on a product with no support. They are still supporting the full version, color will be available soon, as will Mac support. Take a good look at TinySheet or Quicksheet before committing to MiniCalc. I think both of them offer CSV conversion as well.
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    Surely more than one person here is using a spreadsheet, any help would be appreciated!
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    I use the full version of MiniCalc and love it. I used Excel, tho. I haven't tried to send a .csv file. Their web site should say if it will. If not, send them an e-mail.


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