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    I'm hoping someone else has run in to this before because I'm stumped. I've done a search and found nothing, I've exchanged about 6 emails with PDAperformance tech support and they just shrugged thier shoulders and thier website forums are not open anymore. Here's what going on and what I've tried:

    Version 5.6
    Using low res - works just fine aside from being errr low res. All 432 contacts appear just fine.

    Using hi-res - loads ok if you'de cleaned just about everything off you phone just shy of a hard reset. If you don't do a *clean* install it gives an error about being not compatible with your low res phone. Well it loads on my phone and comes up looking nice except!!! I have only 316 contacts now. I can rather easily identify some missing ones and have looked at EVERY setting I can think of but I can't make them appear. They all seem to be in the same category, mind you though there are another 110+ people in this category which still show up fine. If I add them in 5.6 hi-res they appear fine but not if done from the built in contacts program...

    Per PDAperformances recommendation I tried V5.34 but it would not boot at all in hi-res mode even after a hard reset....

    I do not have any security settings enabled and verified this, I've run the dbscan tool and that didn't help. I want to use the hi-res feature but kinda need all my contacts, any thoughts?

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    Switch to AddressXT
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    I can't see where this is much better than the built in app I tried something new on my problem I installed my addressdb and contact5hr to palm sim and ran there and they all appear just fine. That tells me it's certanly something up with the Treo... back to the drawing board.


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