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    Mount Krakatoa to erupt again?!?!? Give us the Mac update already!!!!!!
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    it's been a month... still no updater.

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    I finally just went to a PC friends house and downloaded it and ran the updater (after writing a VERY angry note to Palm) and man did it really make a big difference. I was having HUGE stability issues in Los Angeles on the T-MO network (out here on a long business trip) and after running the update and switching to Cingular, I am thrilled with how well the Treo is working. HUGE improvements across the boards- voice quality, data speed, bluetooth (though still crackly) are all MUCH better. I also have now customized the ROM and gotten rid of RealPlayer, VersaMail, Tutorial and unneeded language files which is very satisfying!
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    Well don't credit it all to the update. Cingular, ATM, does have the best networ in the NY area....based upon the most recent study, you'll notice that verizon has stopped the commercials making that claim and Cingular won't stop running them
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    Good to know! I'm still in LA and was wondering what the service was going to be like when I get home.

    The interesting this is that T-MO supposedly just uses the Cingular network out here in LA. Even though I am on the same network, it's a huge improvement making the switch. Probably a combo of the update and being a 'native' user of the CNG towers.
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    I asked the same questions (got the usual bs btw) but was surprised to see the following in the sig line of the email:

    "No written advice or information sent to you by Palm may be resent, distributed or posted on any media accessible to the public (including, but not limited to, any Internet site or bulletin board) without Palm's prior written consent."

    They're usually not so helpfuly anyway, but thought it was stupid enough to share.
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    I don't get why a Mac-specific updater would be necessary- aren't we just downloading files to update the Treo's FW? Does it have to run on the computer?
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    The one posted is a windows .exe file so no good for a mac....
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    It's really messed up. I would go with the update method posted in the 650 forum by jamesgangut. Here's one thread:
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    What do you use instead of versa mail? Every second ROM updater gets rid of it but I would assume that these folks still use the Treo for e-mail?

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