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    I just got my new Treo 650 from Sprint. I followed all directions on the install disk to sync with Outlook and it starts to sync goes on then gets to Calendar (outlook) just stops. After about 2 or 3 minutes the Hotsync on the destop disappears and also in the system tray gone. It is killing me. I live by my PDA and thought this would be a simple process. What am I missing!!!other say no problem why me. I have windows XP and Outlook 2000.
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    It actually looks like some things went into the calendar a handfull of yearly dates, bdays anniverseries went in. No contacts or anything else.
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    i had the same "db scan" it is a program that will solve this issue. hope this helps.
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    Search for post buy me on "dbScan".

    Try running that on the Treo to clean up the Calendar database.
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    well, I lost patients and bought pocket Mirror. All worked well. Only question is on some contacts & how I have them set up on Outolook. Need to play thanks all for your help.
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    I have a kyocera 7135 smartphone and have upgraded to a 650. I have software and lots of data that I have been unable to successfully sync to my new 650. To further complicate matters, I have lost my 7135 CD and I am afraid to fool with the process of erasing the 7135 in order to transfer to the 650 in case it doesn't work and I cannot access my 7135 data anymore without the CD and it's lost forever! For 2 months I have been carrying my 7135 a PDA and my 650 as my phone! imagine! I am in Ontario Canada and on the Rogers network (CDMA)

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