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    Forgive me for being redundant but I have read through this forum thoroughly. I followed all of the links about issues with cables, connectors, and software. I've swabbed my connectors with q-tips and rubbing alcohol. So, instead of trying to fix that, I'd like to sync via my SD card.

    Basically I'd like to take files from my Windows machine, copy them to my SD card and then place them on my Treo.

    I have tried to copy the address.dat to my SD card and then rename it AddressDB and place it on my Treo. However this causes the system to crash and reset.

    So my question is: Is there a way to take the memos, to dos, datebook and addresses and get them on my Treo without traditional hotsyncing (IR or cable)?

    Thank you for your patience with me.
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    Haven't bothered to do all that work but it would see that the quickest way would be to justr copy the DB files from your user name folder to the SD card and move them from SD card to main memory with FileZ.
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    Can you be a little more specific?

    I have tried moving the address.dat file, moved it to the Treo, renamed it AddressDB, but it doesn't work.

    Now I've been able to have all of my contacts on my Palm by bulk loading them via a big .VCF file. How can you export memos and the rest and get them on a Treo without the sync?
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    What I have done when going from one palm device to the next is install the new Palm desktop into a new in Old Palm is in C:\ProgramFiles\Palm and new palm goes in C:\ProgramFiles\PalmOne.

    Then I just copy those db's from one to another .... as in C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[username]\address\ to C:\ProgramFiles\PalmOne\[username]\address\

    Now if you can't copy and paste between devices my gues is that HS does soem kind of formatting befoe the transfer.

    The other thing I have done is have PD import the files from anotehr app by exporting to a a format that the Palm software can read.

    You can export files from PD info dba files (calendar), tda files (tasks) but whether the Treo will read them or has any means to "import" them I don't know.

    To me a Treo that doesn't sync is a bit crippled. I'd call PalmOne for Tech Support.

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