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    I have a treo 600 ( An upgrade from my Nokia and Tungesten T2) One odd thing I have noticed is that the case I purchased seems to hit the answer button on my phone (The LCD) is there a way to make the auto answer be a button on the keypad and/or reassign it so I dont miss calls

    The Case is a covertec

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekware
    "Prevent accidental key presses from affecting incoming calls.
    Quote Originally Posted by Geekware
    Make sure you don't miss those important calls. TreoGuard can prevent the accidentally answered or ignored calls that come from inadvertent key presses. It can also lock the volume keys to make sure your ringer volume doesn't get accidentally adjusted. If you carry your Treo in a pocket, purse or tight-fitting case, these features are a must."
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    I use Treoguard, and it works very well. Hobbyist Software has a similar tool too. Both do much more than just protect the autoanswer keys.

    I think there are also a couple of freeware utilties that just do the auto-answer prevention thing. Do some searches here in the 600 or utility forums and you'll probably find links to them.
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