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    Does anyone know if an unlocked or Cingular Treo would work on the old AT&T plans? The Cingular tech support was clueless. Any experiments or experiences with this situation are welcome! TIA.
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    I use one. Unlocked Cingular on my old AT&T plan with an AT&T sim.
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    heh I was just reading this thinking... "what the heck are they going to call it now?" We had Cingular Blue (AT&T Wireless), Cingular Orange (old Cingular), and now we have... AT&T Wireless? egad.
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    I'm using an unlocked Palm GSM 650 on an old AT&T plan no problems.

    Hmm, maybe we'll be "AT&T Wireless Blue" and "AT&T Wireless Orange" now, or maybe "AT&T Wireless Blue" and "AT&T Wireless Cingluar Orange", or maybe "AT&T Wireless Cingular AT&T Blue" and "AT&T Wireless Cingular Orange", or maybe "AT&T Wireless" and "AT&T Wireless Those Damn Holdouts Who Wont Let Us Charge Them More Blue".
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    Quote Originally Posted by taroliw
    "what the heck are they going to call it now?"
    My favorite is AT&Tingular

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