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    Hey I just wanted to invite everyone to give our free app, Mobileplay at a try. It's free, it's an easy download.. and you are probably asking why this and not a regular old RSS reader.

    Simple, we have relationships with our Content Partners: Gizmodo, USA Today, Gawker, The Sporting News, Defamer, Flavorpill, PDA Today, Foders, Thought Network, and many more that allows us to deliver full stories to your device using a desktop sync, hotspot sync, or wireless sync. Now you have a device full of content, and not just HTTP headline links where you have to use valuable and costly "data minutes".

    A quick sync at the airport hot spot or the local coffee shop and you literally have a couple days worth of content to read.

    Not only do we have the capability to push "written content", but applications and games. We will soon be offering even more premium subscription content in the near future..

    So give it a download.. post here what you think.. we would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions..

    Thank you!!

    John Drefahl
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    let us know when you start supporting storing the application+data on the memory card... tnx
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    Ditto. I don't mind a stub in RAM, but the main app and content need to reside on the SD card or your app is essentially unusable.
    Thx for listening.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad

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