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    Although I followed the instructions for upgrading, I am having problems syncing my new 650.

    The root of the problem seems to be that when I look at the list of conduits (click on HS icon, select "Custom" from the list), I see 2 sets of Outlook conduits:

    Conduit Action
    Calendar (Outlook) Synchronize the files
    Contacts (Outlook) Synchronize the files
    Tasks (Outlook) Synchronize the files
    Memos (Outlook) Synchronize the files
    Date Book (Outlook) Synchronize the files
    Address Book (Outlook) Synchronize the files
    To Do List (Outlook) Synchronize the files
    Memo Pad (Outlook) Synchronize the files

    When I HS, everything else syncs fine, but nothing is synced with Outlook.

    So I went in and changed the action for the bottom 4 to "Do nothing"

    When I HS, everything syncs fine, including the Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos. Great.

    When I look at the Custom list, I only see the first 4 Outlook conduits. BUT, the next time I HS, nothing is synced with Outlook. And when I look at the Custom list again, we're back to all 8 Outlook conduits being listed.

    Is there a way that I can delete the obsolete conduits? I have others for programs that I'm no longer using...they are set to "Do nothing" and they're not causing problems, but I wouldn't mind just getting rid of them.

    I would appreciate any assistance.

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    Instructions for Upgrading = Don't

    Never owned a 600 but from perusing these boards and having upgarded from a PalmVx to a 650, the general consensus is don't Upgrade.

    I had my Palm stuff in E:/Palm

    When I installed PD for the 650, I installed into E:\PalmOne.

    After all was sync'd, I copied the for databases contacts / to do / memos / calendar from E:\Palm\username to E:\PalmOne\Username and sync'd with desktop overwrites handheld on thse conduits.

    Then I installed all apps from scratch

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