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    how do i get my photos from the phone to the computer while syncing.>>>
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    use missing sync from
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    you mean i need to buy software to get my stuff from the camera to computer??

    can i somehow transfer it to the sd card and take the card out and use a reader???
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    yep...copy images to the card
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    When you hotsync, the photos from your Treo get put into a folder on your Mac. Unless you renamed them on your Treo, they will be named with the date that they were taken, and can be found in Users/(yourusername)/Pictures/palmOne Photos/(yourpalmusername)/Internal. You can either open them from that folder, drag them into iPhoto or open iPhoto (or another image viewer) and use the Import command to get them in.

    This is assuming that you are running OS X 10.2 or higher and Palm Desktop 4.2 or higher.

    Hope this helps - I had the same problem when I first got my 650. I still can't e-mail pix directly from my phone - I have to sync, then put them into iPhoto and send them from there. Does anyone have a fix for this????
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    You can get a crad reader for 15 bucks at Radio Shack, put your card with your pictures in the card reader. When you plug it in to your Mac, either Image Capture or iPhoto will open (depening on you settings in System Preferences) and you can then download them 123 to your Pictures and Movies directories. If the images are on your phone itself, then when you Hot Sync the images get copied to a folder in your User\documents\palm\ folder.
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    I use a card reader for my iBook and take the SD card out from my Treo. Once the card is inserted in the reader, it'll mount on your desktop. Look for a folder called DCIM and all your pictures will be in it.
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    I just use Bluetooth to send all my phone pics to my iBook. Each pic transfers in like a second or two.

    Just choose menu when looking at a pic > choose send > then pick bluetooth > then find your mac and click it....viola!

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