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    Both ical calendars and my treo 60 have several duplicate entries! I had this same problem with my contact list and think I have fixed it after several hours of editing. Why are these programs doing this and is there a way to stop it from repeating the same problem? Is there an easy fix to the Calendar duplication or do I need to delete the unwanted entries by hand. Seems like when I do this it just keeps happening. Any help or insite would be greatly appriciated!!

    Thanks You so much.
    Me Jane
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    Hi mejane, welcome!

    Not sure exactly why you're seeing duplicates on a repeated basis, but you can install software onto your Treo to fix them: Undupe

    I found Undupe when I had upgraded to a new version of Missing Sync and wound up with duplicate calendar and contact entries. Undupe does a good job of cleaning it up.
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    Thanks so much! I'll give it a try.

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