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    Sorry for this question, but I have searched and cannot find the exact answer. I am not lazy...just want to know.

    The 650 (Verizon) comes with factory apps as well as the Palm OS and all the other system files. Assuming I don't care much about personal data (which I can backup and restore from my Zire) if I do a hard reset, how do I truly get to factory state?

    That is, I do a hard reset, erase the Palm software on the PC, resintall the Palm software on the PC, do the factory apps and the operating system come from the CD? Are then on ROM in the Palm?

    I ask because if you do a hard reset, then a Hotsync, you will recover all what you had on the 650 before...which may be the cause of the problem, if one exists or you think one exists.

    Thanks for helping me.

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    All the applications that were on your Treo when you received it should be there after a hard reset. All the default stuff is stored in ROM.
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    Thanks for your response.

    So if I need to do it (good to know these things BEFORE you need it) is my plan good? a) hard reset, b) de-install Palm SW; c) reinstall Palm SW; d) do you first sync -then move on from there with a "factory-status" 650?

    Thanks again for your courtesies.
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    You wouldn't have to uninstall the software on your desktop. You could move or delete the backup directory if you didn't want anything restored when you hotsync the next time.

    The backup directory is located under the installation directory of Palm Desktop, and it's name is derived from your hotsync id.
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    Alex, thanks again for your cordial answer - you answered so quick I couldn't even update my question for this: If the Palm OS and the factory apps are on ROM, when do they get transfered to RAM? Seems to me that to work they must be in RAM, and if you find the RAM usage using "Info," these things are quite clearly occupying RAM.

    Regarding the backup directory, I know what you mean.

    Thanks much again.

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