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    I am new to the PDA world and have a 650. I am having troubles with the SD card. I have formatted according to the instructions to this thread:
    The good news I can now pull the card out of the phone without reformatting it and losing all of my info.

    The problem is that if I put info on the card, while in the card reader, I cannot find it on the phone. For instance when I reformatted the card I put a free video player on it that I found here:
    I also put a video clip, a picture, and a word document to test everything out.
    When I put the card in, it tells me that 1.4 out of 1.8gb are available, which means it knows things are there. But I can't find it on the phone. If go to the top drop down and select ‘my card’ nothing shows up. When I go to the pics and videos section, my picture is not there. And when I go to the document section the title of my document, the "word" W is visable, and it shows it's on the card, but when I try to open the file it says that "it is not supported".

    If I go to the quick install, add a picture, then sync, the new picture will show up. Though nothing I had on the card previously will.
    Is this normal behavior?
    Sorry for the long noob post, especially if this is normal behavior but I couldn't find my answer searching so I thought I would ask.
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    The application that you copied to the card will not be installed. It's best to install it via the Install Tool, and then move it to the card if that's where you want it. The other files that you put on the card won't be displayed in the launcher because the launcher only shows you installed applications. If an application that should be able to view the file can't see it on the card, it could be the case that it needs to be in a particular location on the card.
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    Thank you for your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crnick84
    Thank you for your help.
    You're welcome.
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    FileZ is a freeware file manager that will allow you to see all files on the Treo and the SD card. (click on download)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I'm using BackupMan and now as it goes through the backup it stops and locks up. I do a soft reset of the Treo and when I put the card back in it asks to reformat it?

    Have others experienced this with Treo backup software?

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