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    Good Technology Sued Over Wireless Patents

    Published: January 31, 2006
    Filed at 4:21 p.m. ET

    NEW YORK (AP) -- A software company allied with NTP Inc., the small firm suing the maker of the BlackBerry devices for patent infringement, has opened another front in the tangled battle over wireless e-mail patents.

    Visto Corp., which provides e-mail software to cell-phone companies, said Tuesday that it filed a patent infringement suit against Good Technology Inc., a provider of similar services for smartphones and other handheld devices.

    ....... etc etc.
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    The whole thing is a joke.

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    Why do you say it's a joke? Just curious on your perspective.
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    The patent system is a joke; these companies claiming patents are basically levying a tax on all consumers, the payments going mainly to attorneys. Rather than compete on product functionality or marketing, they pull out absurd patent claims and try to win on those terms. The NTP patents are silly (e.g. granted without regard to prior art), in my opinion, and I suspect these latest ones are silly as well.

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    I hope Seven escapes the NTP trap. I use their Xpress Mail.
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    Uh oh. From

    "Visto also has patent lawsuits against Microsoft, Seven Networks and Smartner Information Systems."

    "Visto, founded in 1996, has contracts with Cingular, Sprint (S) and other carriers. Its user base numbers in the "hundreds of thousands," says co-founder Daniel Mendez. "
    - What products does Visto make (for the Treo)?
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    I had seen an article about the MS case that said Visto licensed technology to Goodlink. I am wondering now if that was an error or perhaps if Visto licensed patent no 67543278 to them and are now suing over 3 or 4 different patents.
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    Good licensed the NTP patents, IIRC, so this seems like a bit of overkill. "Hey, we know you're a customer but we don't think you're enough of a customer so we'd like to sue you too. Maybe the USPTO will realize our patents are as bogus as NTPs."
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    Would be interested in Goodguys comments,
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    Obviously, I can't comment on pending litigation. However, we have been told that we have done a preliminary review the patents in question and it appears that they are not related to how GoodLink works. We should have a complete analysis done very soon and I am sure we will release a formal statement then.

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