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    I've been faithfull to Palm for years, but recently my 650 is making it difficult.

    I have a previously great working unlocked Cingular Treo 650, which I've been using with a Tmobile sim. I did the Cingular 1.17 update and this caused my phone to constantly reset unless I left the wireless mode off, with the Tmobile SIM inserted. It can send and receive calls, browse web and text, but soft resets 5 seconds after it goes in sleep mode. I called Palm and they suggested a new SIM, I had an unactivated one laying around and got Tmobile to activate it. No change. I put my girlfriends Cingular chip in, PERFECT. Is re-unlocking it gonna do anything, or do I need to get another garbage Tmobile phone(SIDEKICK)? LOL

    P.S. I know all about third party apps.... None installed, except docstogo I've even tryed reverting to Cingular firmware 1.15, same issues.
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    Oh wow. I didn't know this can happen. I have same like you...cingular branded unlocked with tmobile sim. May be I shouldn't upgrade the firmware. Let me know is there any solution you found out. I don't think you need to re unlock it since your phone can turn on with tmobile and can still use it. May be try update the firmware again? I don't know. Hope others can jump in and give you solution.
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    I've tried update many ways. This is a solid issue, not intermtant. Happens without fail no matter what. Don't upgrade your firmware using TMOBILE SIM. I'm probaBLY SELLING MINE TO A CINGULAR CUSTOMER NOW. ANYONE LOOKIN ?
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    did you try reverting to fw 1.23?

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